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Walter F. George Dam Riprap Repair


The Walter F. George Long Term RipRap Repair project is located at the base of the lake Eufaula Reservoir, which is fed by the Chattahoochee River. This project consists of demolishing the existing armor & bedding stone and the installation of the new armoring system from below winter pool levels of 186.00 to elevation 205.00.  This replacing of the armoring system stretches across the states of Georgia and Alabama with a navigational lock and power-generating dam in between. The demolition and reconstruction will be broken into two phases, with each phase happening concurrently with the other along the upstream face or lakeside of the dam.  In addition to the armoring of the lakeside face of the dam, additional shoreline protection along the riverside of Alabama will be constructed.  The final phase of the project is to resurface six miles of roadway covering both sides of the dam. The project is to last 18 to 21 months.

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