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SR A1A Canal Improvements


This drainage improvement project for the Florida Department of Transportation – District 2 was designed to alleviate some of the most flood prone areas of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. SR A1A (3rd street) has seen wide-spread flooding after major weather events due to insufficient drainage at the existing outfall drainage channel. This project has multiple critical components to address the drainage challenges of the area. CHC maintained bypass pumping for the full duration of the project in so the drainage canal remained active while the improvements were being completed. The existing channel was cleared of all debris and vegetation in order to improve drainage capacity. CHC furnished and installed over 8,000 LF of steel sheet pile wall using specialized non-vibratory equipment and techniques. These methods were chosen because of the proximity of the installation to existing structures in the community and the need to protect the structures for all stakeholders. CHC also provided a full replacement of the King Roads bridge including rigid inclusion soil stabilization to improve the approach ramps. CHC also replaced 4 channel crossings in order to increase drainage capacity. CHC is currently ahead of schedule on the project and maintaining a perfect Contractor’s Past Performance Rating. 

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