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Port of Savannah IMMC Phase 2 – Bridges and Canal Realignment


This civil infrastructure project is part of the Georgia Ports Authority’s International Multi-Modal Connector (IMMC) project at the Garden City Terminal in Savannah, GA. CHC’s scope of work includes the realignment of a portion of Pipemakers Canal, the installation of two (2) structures across the realigned canal to accommodate future rail tracks, and the installation of a bridge across the canal for maintenance. two (2) rail bridges across Pipemakers Canal will ultimately connect the Chatham and Mason rail yards, operated by CSX and Norfolk Southern railroads. This Mega Rail project will allow 10,000-foot trains to be loaded on terminals with containers double-stacked. The trains will increase their capacity from 500,000 container lifts per year to 1 million when the project is finished. 

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