Biscayne National Park Multiple Hurricane Repairs


  • Repair Shoreline Erosion on Boca Chita Key: This project will address 30,000 SF of shoreline erosion on the Atlantic side of Boca Chita Key.

  • Repairs to Black Point Jetty Trail: The replacement of 6,340 SF of riprap along the trail and entrance road, the replacement of 21,500 SF of gravel trail surface

  • Repair of Boardwalk and Trails at Convoy Point VC Area: Repairs will include replacing 3800 SF of boardwalk and elevating some sections, repairing 4320 SF of hardened trail surface, repairing 140 LF of railing, and the minor repointing of a wall along the trail

  • Replace Boardwalk on Elliott Key: The entire 1200 LF trail was washed away by storm surge and needs to be rebuilt. The total area of the trail is 6000 SF.

  • Docks at Convoy Point Waterfront: Repair/replacement of 5032 SF of concrete floating dock, replacement of 400 SF of aluminum gangway, 125 SF of wooden walkway, replacing a 2 SF concrete pile (18 ft. high).

  • A Replace Adams Key Concrete Dock: A full dock replacement.

  • A Repairs to Park Entrance Road: Approximately 300 linear feet along the park entrance road.