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Savannah Harbor McCoy’s Cut Diversion Structure, Cut Closures and Channel Improvements


US Army Corps of Engineers Savanna District project includes a diversion structure on the Savannah River, several channel improvements features, and two cut closures along Middle River and Little Back River. The diversion structure is a 280 LF steel sheet pile wall that extends perpendicular to the Savannah River. The structure includes a steel sheet pile along the adjacent north and south bank. Channel improvements include dredging McCoy’s Cut, Little Back River, and Middle River for a total distance of 19,500 LF depths ranging from -7 ft MLLW to -14 ft MLLW. The dredged material will be placed to provide 9 acres of wetland creation at McCombs and Rifle Cut. Two closure structures of rock and recycled concrete will be constructed and armored with stone at the ends of the cuts. The site is completely within the bounds of the Savannah Wildlife Refuge and is only accessible by water. Customized push boats and marine equipment were constructed to navigate the river with drafts in areas as low as -1 ft MLLW and transit on the river is obstructed by the Houlihan Bridge.

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