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Craney Island Sand Reclamation


The Craney Island Dredged Material Management Area (CIDMMA) is a 2,500-acre confined dredged material disposal site located at the north end of the city of Portsmouth near Norfolk, Virginia. This project involves sand reclamation dredging within the Craney Island Dredge Material Management Area (CIDMMA). Dredging within the CIDMMA is necessary to maximize cell capacity and to extend the design life of the facility by reclaiming material to raise the perimeter dikes. Current methods of extracting material within the CIDMMA have proven successful for nearly six decades; however, hazardous conditions within the CIDMMA often limit the distance from the perimeter dikes with which reclamation efforts can take place. Through the use of a hydraulic cutterhead pipeline dredge, material located within the center of the North Cell will be transported to a placement site closer to the perimeter dikes, where natural sorting of the material will separate the sands from the fines.

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