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CB4-9 Berth Improvements


Georgia Port Authority project located in the Port of Savannah includes rehabilitation of approximately 2,650LF of pile-supported wharf including the waterside and landside crane beam and rail, fender system, mooring hardware, and utility systems. Demolition work on the waterside includes removing the front portion of the existing berth and removal of precast concrete piles. Waterside installation work includes replacing the front portion of the berth and installation of new 20-inch square prestressed concrete piles.  Demolition work on the landside includes selective concrete demolition to facilitate the installation of 18-inch square prestressed concrete piles and crane tie-downs.  Electrical work includes temporary crane power, new 13.8kV crane power feed, and 480V crane shore power connections.  Other utility work includes the installation of piping for potable water vaults as well as fire protection hydrants.

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