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Savannah Harbor Tide Gate Removal


The project was located on the Little Back River in Savannah, GA nestled within the pristine marsh environment between Georgia and South Carolina. The project area has an average water velocity that exceeds most other inland waterways. The project entailed a specialized demolition process that included the removal of a tide gate structure that required working divers, underwater wire saw equipment, concrete coring and other specialized demolition equipment. Dredging of approximately 830,000 CY using mechanical and hydraulic means. Placement of approximately 100,000 tons of riprap and bedding material along the Savannah back river shoreline. In addition to the stone placement, CHC installed ABS (Articulated Block System) mats along the South Carolina shoreline that also serves as a boat and dredge pipe deployment area. Other specialty items included the excavation of contaminated soils with the use of sheet pile cofferdams, dewatering, and bypass pumping within the shoreline of the Savannah River. With all the complexities of a mixed marine project, the project was a success for the entire team, highlighted in multiple news outlets, and considered a perfect project by the USACE Savannah District. CHC was awarded an Excellence medal from the Commander of the USACE, Savannah District, Colonel Daniel Hibner.

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